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Newly released from the University stream, navigating my way through adult life isn’t as easy or as simple as I expected. Despite this, here’s five reasons why being young, dumb and broke isn’t as negative as it sounds.

1. We’re Still Young!
So many graduates feel the pressure to grab the best entry-level job they can once Uni is over and done with. There is no mad rush! When you’re in your early twenties, there is still so much time to decide on what career move to make. What’s the point of rushing into the first job that seems even slightly appropriate? After Uni there’s ample time to discover your true passion before the time comes to commit to the 9-5 grind. It is good to be young and great to enjoy it and take full advantage.

2. Find Yourself Before You Find Your Career.
Many may consider University to be the ideal setting for the journey to self discovery. I would argue that you don’t properly find yourself until you take the daunting plunge into the world of adulting. Rather than stressing about making money and jumping straight on the career ladder, do something you want to do rather than something you need to do. Life decisions aren’t dumb if you’re gaining invaluable life experience.

3. Money Isn’t The Be All And End All
Becoming a high earner doesn’t have to be your number one goal once you have graduated university. It is an unfortunate fact that money makes the world go round, but it doesn’t mean that it is the key your happiness and success. It is often better to start from the bottom of the career ladder and climb up to the top- even if that means earning a little less. Gaining invaluable experience will boost your position in the world, much more than having loads and loads of cash.

4. Your Degree Won’t Go To Waste
It may seem like earning your degree was a waste of time if you enter a career field that it doesn’t directly relate to or decide that you want to follow a different path. A university education teaches a skill set and that is definitely more desirable to employers, no matter what the subject is. Even still, it is quite likely that the skills and disciplines that were learned during your degree will prove handy at some point in your future careers.

5. We Are All In The Same Boat
If you are panicking about what to do after university, remember that you are 100% not alone. Your university will undoubtedly have careers guidance of some variety- use and abuse the resources that your university provides you with otherwise the struggles you face finding a career post-uni will be harder than they need to be. Aside from this, seek support from friends and peers in your classes as it is quite likely they will be facing similar struggles or worries to you.

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