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Thinking back to days way prior to the lockdown, when we were able to travel for non-essential reasons such as going on holiday, I visited Salou with my sister. It made for a perfect summer holiday.

Here’s exactly why you should make sure Salou is on your list of places to visit for the perfect holiday.

Salou And It’s Accessibility

Salou is a resort town located on inland Spain, in the province of Tarragona. Being a resort location, the town is very apt for holidaymakers, including international ones, as the location was very accessible for those who do not speak Spanish as their first language. This was due to many of those employed in the service sector speaking a good level of English (most of the tourists in this area were from English speaking countries).

The Hotel

Salou has a wide range of hotels that are all worth checking out. I reckon most if not all had swimming pools on site too, with some offering entry to non-guests too.

We stayed in the very welcoming California Garden hotel. Both my sister and I felt this hotel offered great value for money and the facilities were second-to-none.

We stayed in the hotel all-inclusive, so we enjoyed the on-site buffet restaurant twice daily. There was a wide range of foods on range, so plenty on offer for the fussy eaters. Additionally, in the evenings, although our drinks were not inclusive, we were able to enjoy cocktails in the on-site bar, that always provided entertainment from the super entertaining and high work ethic entertainers, that entertain kids and adults alike from the morning aqua-fit sessions, to the kids afternoon activities and their exclusive evening shows.

The Beaches

The Salou beaches, like most of the Spanish beaches, were beautiful. They did seem incredibly popular, especially in the main hours of the day though, so I would recommend getting there a little earlier than the rest of the crowd. Arriving between something like between 9 and 10 in the morning should guarantee you a decent spot on the beach even in the height of summer.

The Nightlife

For my sister and I, we weren’t visiting for the nightlife particularly. The holiday was a late summer relaxation holiday before the busy autumn season began again. However, we did venture out into the local streets of Salou two or three evenings and it was great. Not only were shops open well into the late evening, but as these shops closed, the pubs and clubs got more lit it, and busy.

There were a wide range of pubs there for all kinds of drinkers. Whether you wanted a sophisticated cocktail, a karaoke bar or home from home pub, you’re covered.


In terms of the local vicinity, Salou is perfect for the thrill seekers among us. Just a stone’s throw away from the town’s hotels, literally, one can find one of Europe’s largest theme parks, Port Aventura. The theme world is split into three parks: Port Aventura Park, Aribe Aquatic Park and Ferrari Land. In fact, from our hotel, California Garden, we could see the latter’s main rollercoaster.

Trust me, it’s huge, and many people visit Salou on their holidays JUST to visit the theme park; it’s reputable and it ticks the checklist any theme park lover could create. You’ve got your fast, high and loopy rides, as well as theme park classics that the less brave among us can enjoy too. I certainly fall into the less brave category.

For those that enjoy excursions, there are plenty of day tours available from Salou too, with many specialised stores in the town advertising these. Personally, my sister and I decided to visit Barcelona, only an hour away on the bus, with the bus station a 2 minute walk from the hotel we stopped in.

We’re so glad we visited Barcelona. It’s honestly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Steeped in history and culture, and a lot of art, there’s something really special about Barcelona. The pretty La Rambla boulevard and the ancient Sagrada Familia, which is still to be finished, are both must-visits.

If we had more time away, I’m sure we would have visited Barcelona FC’s Camp Nou for a tour, though my sister has been before, and highly recommends visiting.

Would I visit again?

Most definitely. Salou is a kind, vibrant holiday town that is suitable for absolutely anyone, from young families to elderly couples, groups of students to hen night ladies.

A classier alternative to Benidorm, Salou still offers great value for money, whilst giving you the perfect all round summer holiday experience.

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