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We’ve written about what we recommend people to watch, but what are we watching at the moment?

Ben’s particularly busy at the moment, whereas I, Joe, have a little more free time than usual. Thus, the list is what I, Joe, am watching.


Ben had already seen Glee, but I, Joe, hadn’t. I’m new to the world of Glee, but watching it has truly been one of the highs of the lockdown.

Glee is based on a high school glee group, and their journey as a group together.

The comedy drama also centralises on different characters throughout as we learn their story.

Each episode features an outbreak of a few songs sung by the characters. I’m absorbed and would highly recommend anyone who’s even slightly into musical theatre to watch it.


I had already seen a couple of episodes of You, but I had never finished it. The age rating is 18, so it’s not one for the youngsters, but it’s a truly gripping watch.

The very basic outline of You is that the story follows an intense stalker who longs to be with a particular woman. He’ll do anything to be with her.

You is based on a book, so there’s no wonder that when I watch it I feel like I’m watching the contents of a gripping book, if that can even make any sense.

Tiger King

If you’ve not already seen it, you’ve at least seen the memes for the show.

It’s completely wild, despite being a documentary. Despite this, it’s an addicting watch.

The documentary follows the true events of the big cat owner Joe Exotic.

I’m only a couple of episodes in at the moment, and would hate to even hint at any spoilers, but it’s a must watch!

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