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If you’re stuck at home at the minute, and perhaps unable to work, you’re probably craving something to do to keep your brain ticking.

Learning From Home

Your new found time is probably in abundance, even when you factor in all the chores and binge watching of your favourite shows. So, why not consider doing some learning from home?

The good thing about learning from home is that you can choose what you want to focus on learning. It could be something that may benefit you in your career, in your home life, or even just something you want to do just because it sounds interesting. Let us run you through some of the ideas we came up with.

Learn A New Language

If you’ve not already read the article where Joe talks about how and why he has decided to start learning Spanish, then give it a read after this one. Learning a new language is great for the mind and can open many doors, perhaps most excitingly, the ability to travel to more locations where perhaps English isn’t spoken so commonly.

Read A Factual Book

We’ve all got some factual books lying around the house somewhere, and if you don’t, consider ordering one online.

There’s something so lovable about using books to find out new information, despite the Internet being available. As people say, it’s rather nostalgic to read from a book these days.

Create Your Own Project

Whether it’s writing a song, starting a blog or capturing your family in a hand-drawn piece of artwork, a project is a great way to show some creative flair whilst learning.

Most people fail or incomplete their projects because they don’t have enough time, but we’ve all got too much now, so there are no excuses to get to it!

Do An Online Course

There are plenty of websites that offer online courses, and most are for very low prices too.

You can search websites like Wowcher. They have a whole section dedicated to online courses, which cover topics of all kinds. Furthermore, many Universities offer their own short courses online too. Particularly with what’s going on in the world currently, many educators are offering highly discounted or free courses too. So, a quick Google search should see you with plenty of options to choose from.

Watch YouTube Tutorials

When you think of YouTube tutorials, perhaps you think of makeup tutorials. However, YouTube is so much bigger than just that. There are tutorials for pretty much everything. From how to turn on a laptop right through to how to solve complicated mathematical equations, and all things in between of course.

Another great thing about YouTube tutorials is that they are visual and audible, and in most cases, can work in real time with you. If not, there’s always the pause button.

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