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Many of us, Ben and I included, will have considerably more time now to binge watch TV from home. The question is what do you watch!

I’ve compiled a list of TV series that I can certainly recommend to binge watch – all of which are available right now in the UK.

The Inbetweeners – 4 On Demand

Starting with an absolute comedy classic, it’s non other than The Inbetweeners. Despite being 10ish years old now, it is still one of the most popular comedies of today, and it looks like it’ll be around for us to enjoy for a while too.

It surrounds the life of a group of 4 ‘inbetweener’ lads in Sixth form, documenting fictional but more than likely awkward, embarrassing moments that sixth formers face, in a comedic light.

There are currently 3 series, with 18 episodes in all, and despite it being unlikely that the series will come back, there have been two films since the TV series, and who knows, maybe one day they may make another – we can only hope.

Glee – Netflix

For any musical theatre fans who are missing their trips to the theatre, or perhaps to their own rehearsals, whilst there’s no replacement as such, Glee is most certainly the nearest thing to it. It’s bold, sassy and real.

Like The Inbetweeners, this show is also set in a high school. Though there are several more protagonist characters, whose characters are really explored over the course of the seasons.

Whilst the last episode of Glee aired back in 2015, with 121 episodes spread over 6 seasons, this American musical drama is certain to keep you busy binge watching for days on end!

Friends – Netflix

An absolute classic that’s made it’s way into so many people’s homes, in many nations around the world.

The lives of the 6 ‘Friends’; Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross are followed as they make their way through the troubles of adjusting to adulthood in their 20s.

Set in the heart of NYC, the scenes you’ll see in Friends are pretty iconic now, if not before. So, if you do get hooked, then be rest assured that you can book a trip one day to NYC and visit the locations.

With some more serious themes projected through their typical, light-hearted and comedic manner, it’s one that you can chill watching.

What’s more, there are 236 episodes to watch, so you’ll be busy for a while. One things for sure, it’s TOTALLY worth it every second!

The Bodyguard – Netflix

The Bodyguard is a British crime drama following the fictional protagonist David Budd’s life as a bodyguard in the Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch of the Met Police. He is made the Principal Protection Officer for none other than the Home Secretary.

With many twists and turns, and interesting and unexplored themes finally explored, this one is a must watch.

Despite this show boasting much less episodes than the others on this list, with only 6, there is still potentially for a second series; we can only hope!

Originally broadcast a couple of years ago on the BBC, The Bodyguard can now be enjoyed on Netflix.

RuPauls Drag Race – Netflix

For your fix of sass, Ru Pauls Drag Race is the series to watch.

Though based in the US, Ru Pauls Drag Race has recently broadcast a UK version, with the BBC. Their second UK series in filming currently.

If you’ve no idea what it’s about, it is basically drag queens battling it out to be crowned the winner of the drag race, and win the prizes on offer.

With over 10 years worth of episodes, and 12 US seasons to watch, Ru Pauls is well established and well loved. With its own culture, you’ll be picking up the show’s catchphrases in no time. Just don’t be letting your friends “spill the tea” before you’ve watched the show!

Dowton Abbey – Amazon Prime

With 6 series and a film behind them, Downton Abbey was a huge success and still has a big following. No wonder, seeing as the cast boasts household names like Hugh Bonville and Maggie Smith.

This period drama, set in the early 20th Century, follows the lives of a British aristocratic family, and their staff. Not only is it a history lesson in itself, it’s full of light humour and shocking gossip that’ll make anyone fall in love with the delightful show.

Miranda – BBC iPlayer

In these unprecedented times, who can you count on to cheer you up? For me, it’s none other than the hilarious Miranda.

This situation comedy follows the life of a woman, strangely enough called Miranda, who runs a joke shop, and her best friend Stevie, comedically much shorter than Miranda, a whole foot to be precise.

Miranda longs for her crush, Gary, but will they end up together? That’s for you to find out. Either way, you’ll be routing for the oh so relatable Miranda throughout the three series that Miranda broadcast for.

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