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From long running classics to sparkling new entries into west-end fame, these are the top 10 shows you need to catch in 2020!

1. Mamma Mia

We can go dancing down at the Novello theatre, where the smash hit musical Mamma Mia is going to continue entertaining audiences into the new year. ABBA have been a staple dance-floor favourite since the dawn of time, so it is no surprise that Mamma Mia has soared to popularity and dominated the West End scene for 20 years! There are three dads, two leading ladies and one burning question to answer in this jukebox extravaganza and the fun never stops. You will laugh, you will cry and you will feel like “you can go dancing” during every minute the greek paradise wedding adventure.

2. Wicked

You thought you knew the full story about when Dorothy landed in Oz? Wicked turns this classic tale upside down and back to front telling its audience the unexpected and heartwarming story of the witches of Oz- was Dorothy’s tale all that it seemed, and how did wickedness happen? Wicked boasts some of the most breathtaking musical talent on the West End and will not disappoint you with its powerhouse soundtrack, impressive scenery and flamboyant costuming. Book yourself a ticket to Oz and escape reality into the wickedly wonderful story, “defying gravity” into a dreamland you’ll never want to leave.

3. Waitress

Romantic and comedic from start to finish, Waitress will leave you aching from laughter though it is far from lacking in emotion and depth. Baking pies drives Jenna to achieve a dream of building a better life, but she succumbs to a “bad idea” to escape a loveless marriage and finds herself embroiled in a scandal that tickles the taste buds in all the wrong ways. Sara Bareilles has penned the perfect masterpiece to captivate the audience into Jenna’s story with hilarious and heartbreaking songs painting the waitress’ story in the most exciting and beautiful way. Our sassy and loveable protagonists Jenna, Dawn and Becky are the sugar, butter and flour needed for the perfect musical recipe.

4. Frozen

Following its glacial success across the pond on the Broadway stage, Frozen is set to make its much anticipated West End debut in Autumn 2020. Samantha Barks has been cast to storm the stage as the powerhouse ice queen, Elsa, in the new year treating UK Disney fans to an adaptation of the animated favourite which will have you picking their jaws up off the floor. The Disney magic is translated to the stage through genius special effects, dazzling costumes and ground shaking vocal performances from beginning to end.

5. Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen is one of the most exciting modern musicals to be introduced the West End landscape. The authentic and emotionally packed soundtrack propels the story about a lonely teen outsider who embroils himself in an online lie born from a tragic misunderstanding. Evan is the perfect anti-hero living in the digital age that audiences are so at home with making this musical relatable and relevant to the masses that swarm to enjoy it in its new home at the Noel Coward Theatre. Enjoy the music, feel the emotion and #YouWillBeFound.

6. Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

The fabulous Jamie New has pranced into the hearts of thousands in this coming-of-age musical. The school bully, terrible teacher and drag queen mentor propel Jamie’s story towards his dreams of glitter, glam and everything outright gay! Punchy lyrics throughout the show are inspiring messages to all young people of all walks of life to never stop dancing for their dreams and be the queen of their own destinies.

7. & Juliet

Juliet’s story is far from over in this brand-new pop sensational musical. & Juliet excellently remixes the dreary fate of the dewey eyed Capulet that was brought to fame by William Shakespeare cultivating in a girl power fuelled performance. Miriam Teak-Lee is showcased as the West End’s freshest new talent, not rivalled in her killer dance numbers and belted ballads but supported by the camp, completely absurd and lively ensemble. Soundtracked by Max Martin including pop hits from Britney to Ariana, this is Shakespeare as you’ve never seen it before.

8. Prince of Egypt

From the musical mastermind Stephen Schwartz, The Prince of Egypt takes us on the journey of two young men through Ancient Egypt. Raised as brothers amongst the riches of a thriving kingdom, secrets from their past divide this pair and forces them on separate journeys. Based on the award-winning Dreamworks animation, The Prince of Egypt is set to begin captivating its audience in February 2020 with stunning music including the Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston hit, ‘When you Believe’.

9. Heathers

Colour me stoked! Heathers’ musical adaptation is nothing short of sensational, sexy and scandalous. Heathers the musical is ”Big fun” from beginning to end and has claimed the spot of guilty pleasure amongst the West End fan base since ending its run in November 2018. Carrie Hope Fletcher delivers the perfect concoction of sweet and sassy as the mixed-up teen Veronica Sawyer. Veronica meets JD after mixing up with the beautifully cruel Heathers and he plunges her into a scandal so murderous yet so satisfying to save her from her “Dead Girl Walking” status. While it is no longer playing the West-End, Heathers is much anticipated to return to the stage on a nationwide tour in 2020.

10. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

The story of the Boy Who Lived is still not over. The literary genius of J K Rowling brings Harry, Ron and Hermione back into the spotlight in the stage adaptation of the thrilling eighth instalment of this British fantasy staple. Audiences can return to the magic of the Wizarding World and quench their thirst for answers about what is next to come from the legendary characters and the next generation of Hogwarts students. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is showing at the Palace theatre in two spell-binding parts. Return to Hogwarts and immerse yourself in the mystery of the dark arts and the wonder of J K Rowling’s incredible world.

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