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One thing that you may not know already is that Ben is a big fan of Harry Potter, and all things magical. So, as a Christmas present from me (Joe) I decided that I’d treat Ben to The Cauldron London experience.

What Is The Cauldron?

For those of you that are unaware of what The Cauldron is, essentially they offer a magical themed cocktail experience.

What Happens?

Without providers any spoilers for those looking at going, let me briefly explain.

When entering The Cauldron, you are handed a magical wand to look after and a cape to wear. Shown to your seat, you then choose a cocktail to begin, which you are then able to pour yourself – let’s just say this bit is super cool.

Afterwards, you can then work through making two more magical potions, I mean, cocktails. However, it’s really far from just that simple. Your magical wand must come into use and magical things will occur before you then get to enjoy the splendid tasting cocktails.

How Long Do You Get?

The experience lasts for approximately 1 hour 45 minutes, which is plenty of time to fully enjoy the experience and not be time conscious either.

Where Is The Cauldron London?

Despite there being 4 different locations, the ‘The Cauldron‘ that we visited was based in London. Based in Stoke Newington, it’s about 20 minutes out of central London.

Going to the cocktail experience straight from the West End, Ben and I found it easier to catch an Uber. This’ll likely save you time if you’re going from Central London and it’s pretty inexpensive too.

When Did We Go?

Ben and I visited in the early evening. As the Cauldron is underground and has a dark but magical aesthetic, I don’t suppose it much matters what time of day you visit, but we did feel like early evening suited us – though we were also staying at a nearby hotel, so didn’t have to think about transport if we were to only be in London for the daytime.

Whilst I reckon drinking alcoholic cocktails is the best choice, understandably there may be many people that are unable to drink for whatever reason, but still want to visit. In fact, there was someone opposite us that this was very much the case for, but the venue accommodated very well and instead introduced her to a non alcoholic choice.

Would We Go Again?

Most definitely. Its a great alternative evening out, perhaps for couples, groups of friends and older families too – please note that you must be over 18 to visit The Cauldron.

As they have different cocktail choices, we feel that if we were to go again and have a different cocktail to make, our experience would be completely different, and as exciting I’m sure!

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