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According to a recent YouGov study, only 2% of Brits have been to the theatre in the past three months, to watch either a play or musical. Whilst this may be of little shock to many readers, it does mark a sad end to a difficult year for the theatre industry. Most theatres have been shut for the past 9 months. Others have only opened for a very short period, with strict social distancing measures in place.

To compare the data from December 2020 to the data from December 2019, 24% of people said they had visited the theatre in the last three months.

December, I’d imagine, is the most popular month for most theatres. The pantomime season is in full swing, and Christmassy musicals and plays are often a hit for those that want a festive, fun day out.

Unfortunately, neither the West End nor Broadway have been able to safely reopen all of their theatres. Broadway have previously announced that all theatres will remain shut until at least the end of May 2021. Whilst this is in the best interest of peoples health, which should always come first, there is no doubt that this is damaging to all those that work in the arts, in so many different ways.

This all said, determination is something many of us theatre lovers have in our bones. Theatre is our passion, a way of life. So, I leave you with a video I find so inspiring. One that I like to watch when I’m feeling down. It reminds me of something important. One day, soon, theatre will come back home, for good,

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