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Since her appearance on ‘The X Factor’ in 2010, Lucie Jones has starred in a multitude of musicals. She’s stepped into the shoes of much loved roles such as, Elle Woods (Legally Blonde), Cosette (Les Mis) and Jenna (Waitress). On top of the this, she represented the UK in the Eurovision song contest back in 2017.

Joe and I saw Lucie Jones for the first time when she performed as Jenna last November. We were blown away by her talent. Jones perfectly captured the raw emotion of Jenna’s story and her rendition of ‘She used to be mine’ could bring a tear to the eye of the hardest of faces. Despite this, her portrayal of the waitress definitely did not lack in appreciative laughs in all the right places.

We snapped up tickets at the soonest opportunity when Lucie announced her one off concert. We were both very excited to witness more breathtaking numbers from the Welsh thespian.

‘Live at the Adelphi’ served as the grand finale to our first Valentine’s weekend together. It wrapped up our London trip in the most perfect way.

What Songs Did Lucie Jones Sing?

Returning from her break from ‘Waitress’, Jones took to the Adelphi stage to treat her adoring fans to a setlist of songs that showcased her crystal clear vocals in the most delightful way. First, Lucie opened the show with ‘Don’t rain on my parade’, the Streisand classic. More hits both modern and classic proceeded. More songs performed by Jones included ‘So much better’ from Legally Blonde, ‘Into the Unknown’ from Frozen 2 and ‘A Summer in Ohio’ from The Last Five Years. Of course, each song provided the perfect spotlight for her famous belt that fans swarm to witness.

lucie jones concert

Throughout the show, Jones showcased her authentic self. She shared personal experiences and gushing stories about her climb to West-End fame. Most notably amongst these stories, Jones provided the scoop from her Eurovision journey and wowed us with a beautiful orchestral rendition of her Eurovision entry, ‘Never Giving Up On You’. We also got to hear about her audition process to Waitress, before hearing ‘She Used To Be Mine’ for a second, and if not more breathtaking, time. This was followed by an exciting shoutout from Sara Bareilles.

All in all, Lucie Jones has definitely cemented herself as a star of the West-End stage. We certainly regard her as a firm favourite of ours to watch in the future. We will definitely be looking out for what projects are to come for her and will 100% venture out to watch her perform a third time!

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