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Now that we are into 2020, there’s one thing specifically on my mind: the new movies that are set to be released this year. 2020 is set to be a truly magical year for us movie geeks – so where do you begin? Let us help you…


1917 – 10th January

With the release date set for 10th January, it won’t be long until you can expect this to be showing at your local cinema.

This piece is likely to be very powerful, so bring the tissues. Oh, and find a babysitter if needed, as it’s rated 15.


Dolittle – 7th February

Set to be released in the UK on 7th February, I’m particularly looking forward to watching this one. With a cast including Robert Downey Jr., Michael Sheen and Tom Holland, amongst other A-list celebrities, it’s no doubt set for success.

If you’ve read the Doolittle books, this film will be based predominantly on the second of Hugh Lofting’s books.


Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway – 27th March

In cinemas from 27th March. This is my pick of the month as it’s a family friendly film truly loved by all generations. There really is just something so magical about Peter Rabbit and his story.

If you’ve not seen the first film, it’s well worth the watch beforehand.


No Time To Die- 2nd April

This is the latest instalment of the James Bond films.

It is also the last chance for you to see Daniel Craig play James Bond as he has announced that he is stepping down from the role.


Fast and Furious 9 – 22nd May

Who knew that Fast and Furious would end up releasing a ninth film? Let alone there being plans for a tenth film.

Vin Diesel will return to the big screen, and we can’t wait.


Wonder Woman 1984 – 5th June

Wonder Woman is a perfect, girl-power role model for women of all ages. Plus, the storyline looks enthralling.

Wonder Woman returned to our screens in 2017 and Gal Godot will be back as the protagonist in this film too.


Top Gun Maverick – 17th July

Finally, a Top Gun sequel; we’ve been waiting for years.

Top Gun was first released back in 1986, and this year we’ll finally see the sequel to the film that features the famous scene of Tom Cruise in his iconic Ray-Ban Aviators. Cruise and Val Kilmer will both return to reprise their roles.


Respect – 21st August

Respect is a true story based on the life of Aretha Franklin, and her journey to international success.

Jennifer Hudson is set to play a young Aretha Franklin. She was handpicked by Franklin which makes it all the more special!


The Kings Man – 18th September

A prequel to the Kingsman film series, this period comedy is likely to entertain many people post summer.


The Witches – 16th October

Having grown up reading the Roald Dahl books, this is the one that reminds me of my childhood.

I’ve seen the 1990 version, and thoroughly enjoyed the gripping watch. I look forward to this one, and wouldn’t be surprised if cinemas are filled with excited adults ready to see the film.


Godzilla vs. King – 20th November

There’s nothing more exciting for many families than seeing Godzilla and King Kong fight it out!

Who will win? Will humanity claim back the planet?


West Side Story – 18th December

West Side Story is a much-loved favourite for many theatre goers, and after the success of popular musical film adaptions like Les Mis and Mamma Mia, many thespians will have this date highlighted in their new 2020 calendar.

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