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With the current lockdown restrictions in the UK, it is very easy to feel alone. Even with social media, zoom calls and the television, you may still feel a sense of loneliness.

For me, I’ve found that podcasts have helped me. Whilst I can say that just a couple of months ago, I never, or very rarely, listened to podcasts, now I listen to a podcast or two on a daily basis now.

There are plenty reasons for this. Here are 6 reasons why I love podcasts.

1. You Can Listen Whilst Multi-tasking

What’s great about podcasts is that I can listen to one whilst I’m cleaning, tidying and driving, and doing plenty of other daily activities too. They take very little effort to tune into, which works perfect for me, especially in my usual busy day to day schedule.

2. Hosts Are Often Well Informed In Their Subjects

With every podcast I’ve listened to so far, I’ve learnt something interesting, and that is all down to the research or knowledge of the podcast hosts. Whatever the subject of the podcast, there’s something you can learn, whatever your level of knowledge on the subject.

3. There Is Content On Any And Every Topic

This leads on to the fact that there is content on any and every topic you can imagine. Whether you’re into your bingeworthy TV shows and want to hear reviews or interviews with your favourite actors, or want to know more about outer space, you’re sure to find a topic that’s just perfect for what you’re looking for.

4. You Can Get To Know Hosts And Guests Far Better Than Via TV

With podcasts, content is everything. So, unlike with TV for instance, all the showbiz bits in between, or advertisements, are not there. It’s content in its raw form, and that’s what’s so capturing about it for me.

5. You Can Listen To Them At Night And Not Worry About Blue Light

For me, I listen to podcasts most in the evening, just before I sleep. Before this, I would’ve opted for the option of watching telly, but as many of us know, it is highly advised to reduce the levels of blue light before we sleep. Listening to a podcast via my Google mini means I can be in a room, in the dark, unwinding from the day.

6. It Reduces Any Loneliness Feelings

As mentioned at the start of the article, podcasts can reduce loneliness. When listening, it can often feel like you’re in the conversation, which is a nice feeling for those that are at home, missing as much human interaction as you would usually have.

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