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During the festive period there is nothing better than getting cosy at home with a good Christmas film with a mince pie and hot chocolate. Here are our top 5 picks to watch at Christmastime which are perfect for igniting the joy and excitement of our favourite holiday.

1. The Holiday

As far as romance stories go, this one will warm your heart like no other. Amanda and Iris impulsively switch homes at Christmas in hope of escaping reality and men drama. Their perfect getaways take an unexpected turn when paths cross with local guys and new romance blossoms. Amanda and Iris could not be more different, but their stories intertwine and surprising connections form during the festive rom-com, and although perhaps predictable, the ending gifts the happy holiday ending the audience will undoubtably yearn for. After all, what is Christmas without a little love?

2. The Santa Clause (I, II & III)

Tim Allen is portraying the Yuletide legend himself in the three part Disney saga telling of how Santa Claus came to be and his adventures in the years following. This series is without doubt an essential for fulfilling the need for Christmas magic during the holidays. It packs everything from flying reindeer, life-size toys and the council of legendary figures including Tooth Fairy and Mother Nature. “The Santa Clause” delightfully mixes Christmas fantasy with all too familiar family drama bringing the true festive spirit to life.

3. Elf

Buddy the Elf is arguably one of the most lovable characters to grace our screen during the Christmas period. “Elf” tells the story of Buddy’s search for his family in the Big Apple after discovering that he is not akin to the elves that raised in the North Pole. Hilarious from start to finish, Will Ferrel deliver some of the most iconic catchphrases from Christmas cinema and reminds us that “the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear”. “Elf” is most definitely the perkiest man alive but completely impossible to dislike. He sees the wonderful rather than the weird and embraces all no matter if they’re naughty or nice.

4. Dr Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas

The older you get and the wiser you become, the more you will relate to the green meanie who pinched Christmas from right under the noses of the peppy Whos of Whoseville. He’s reclusive, lazy and downright rotten but The Grinch wickedly catchphrases the thoughts of the snowflake nation with one liners like “Am i just eating because I’m bored?” or “help me I’m feeling”. The Grinch deviously plots his siege on the Whos’ festivities from his home amongst the trash on Mount Crumpet and proves to be just as mean and cruel as is implied by his frightful outward appearance. This only makes the holiday-loving ending all the more heartwarming, though many may see it coming as the Grinch’s journey towards redemption is propelled by the compassion and curiosity of the young Who girl, Cindy-Lou. A Christmas classic for sure, watch the Grinch for your fill of Christmas hilarity and good old fashioned Christmas spirit.

5. Love Actually

“Love actually is all around us”- an important message to think about during the festive period. This British rom-com follows the trials and tribulations of eight couples during Christmas. “Love Actually” is thick with cheesy hits which are adored by Britons and Christmas lovers alike and only adds to the feel-good factors of the film making it a Christmastime staple. “Love Actually” is a patchwork of ‘hate-to-love’ corniness and travels full circle, ending with the resounding message of love in all shapes and forms.

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